iPhone 5 Grunge Case

Stand out with grunge looking case for your iPhone


The idea for designing this iPhone grunge case came from a business card template I saw on the net. I thought it would be a nice to make a phone case in the same style and because iPhones are one of today’s trendiest gadgets, it would be iPhone’s case.

Phone Case


At this time the latest model is iPhone 5, so I had to look for its dimensions and I found a blueprint released from Apple for the manufacturers of phone cases. It had all that was necessary – from basic dimensions, to clearances needed for the camera and etc.

Exploded View of the Case


The result is this simple case with a grunge looking back. It consists of three parts – basic one, closing side part and a transparent screen. The basic part includes the front frame that holds the screen, the back and the left side of the case. The closing side part includes the other three sides of the case in one. The screen is made to fit into the frame of the basic part and the closing part seals it all by fitting into the grooves of the basic part.

iPhone Accessory

The iPhone case has been designed and rendered in SolidWorks. The 3D model could be seen and downloaded from GrabCAD.