Oval Shape Spice Jar Design

Clear and oval product design of spice jars for salt and pepper

Spice Jars on Table Stand

Simple oval design of spice jars. The jars are hanging placed on a stand on a table or a hang mounted on the wall. Hanging is made through a double hole in the cup of the jars.

Jars Hanging on the Wall


The lower side of the hole is wider so that the hang is put through easily and then the jar is placed in such way that the upper side of the hole, which is made to fit the hang, to lay on it. Both the upper hole and the hang have such profile that when the jar is mounted, to stay firmly without moving side to side, or front and back.

Section View of the Jars Cup


The front surface of the hang has the profile of the front surface of the cup.

The jars and its cups could be made in different colors or colors that much the spices which would be put in it.

Section View of the Cup on Hanging Spice Jar

The 3D models and the renderings are made in SolidWorks.

Exploded View of a Spice Jar