Earphones holder

Don’t you hate your earphones to fall when running and listen to music? It’s unpleasant and irritating to try to keep them in place

New and better design of headphones holders have been proposed.

This holder ensures that your earbuds type phones will stay where it should be when you perform some physical activity – running, biking, etc.


The earphone holder consists in two light and thin sheetmetal  parts that form a socket where the earphone is placed. Each of the parts forms the half of it. Both are joined together by other two parts that have contact with the ear by pressing it. Those parts are made by very lightweight plastic material.

Earphones Holder Product Design

The holder is placed inside the shell of the ear by pressing the two plastic parts so that the whole assembly contracts. The sheetmetal parts act as a spring. The holder with the earphone is placed in the ear and when released, it presses the ear shell in the inside and that way hold the earphone there.

The sheetmetal parts could also be made by plastic, but the aim is the holder to be as lightweight as possible, and the pressure from it to be very small, not to make any inconvenience to the user.

Convenient design of the holder

Pros and Cons

The advantages of the holder are that it ensures your earphones won’t bug you by falling when you are running or perform any other physical activity. It is lightweight and convenient. It is suitable for most earphones from the earbud type, or it could be made to fit to each one.

Disadvantages are that it is not likely to fit to every person’s ear.

Holder with earphone

The design of the holder and the renderings are made in Autodesk Inventor.