Sports Bottle Design

Hydration Source Bottle

Design of a bottle for sports and outdoor activities

Colorful Hydration Source Bottle


The concept is the bottle to allow drinking without screwing and unscrewing a cup. It opens with just one motion of raising it. It stays closed and not allow leaking when it’s been held by a person who is doing some physical activity. But when it’s lifted to drink, then it opens and the liquid flows. This has been achieved by closing the hole for the liquid on the inner side and opening it by the motion of lifting the bottle when drinking.

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High Speed Electric Motor

High Speed Chain Motor

Concept design of a high speed chain motor

High Speed Chain Motor


There are several factors that determine motion of a body - velocity, time, acceleration, etc. One more thing should be taken into consideration that determines it too - pivot point. But if that point is also moving, then all the bodies form a mechanical chain.

Many examples of a chain motion could be seen in nature. That same principle has been used in an electric motor in order to increase its rotation velocity and other parameters.

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Earbud Headphones Holder

Earphones Holder

Concept design of a holder for earbud headphones

Holder for Earbud Type Earphones


One of most important things when working out is motivation. Good motivation comes with good music. Then how can not be irritating when your earphones just fall during your running, biking, etc? And all your attention is focused on keeping them in place. That's why you need earphone holders!

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Grunge Case for iPhone 5 Smartphones

iPhone 5 Grunge Case

Product design of a grunge style phone case

iPhone 5 Case


One of trendiest gadgets today are smartphones, and everyone wants to have iPhone. Now latest model is iPhone 5 and if you want to stand out, you need to make it unique. If your style is grunge, you must have grunge style phone case for your iPhone.

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Design of Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder

Design of a holder for kitchen paper towel

Kitchen Paper Towel Design


This holder for kitchen paper towel is an entry to the GrabCAD challenge for product design. The contest is posted by Umbra - leader in casual, contemporary, affordable design for the home. That's the second entry I've posted. All my submisions to Grab CAD could be seen here.

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Design of Fitness Attachment

Donkey Calf Raise

Design of fitness barbell attachment

Donkey Calf Raise Accessory


This is another submission to a GrabCAD challenge for designing a fitness barbell attachment. This accessory is used when performing calf raise. The exercise is done in a bent-forward position. It's one of the best exercises for developing the calves, because the strong stretch you can put on the calves at the bottom of every single rep. Donkey Calf Raise machines are not common in all gyms and that requires additional attachment to perform the exercise.

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Oval Shape Spice Jars

Spice Jars

Design of oval shape spice jars

Colorful Cups Spice Jars



Just a nice design of spice jars in oval shape that hang mounted on their cups. The jars could be placed either on a stand designed for them, or on the wall. For the cups could be used fresh colors or colors that much the spices the jars are meant for.

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Headphones Holders Design

Headphones Holders

Design of holders for earbud type earphones

Earbuds Holders



Second design of holders for earphones. The first earphones holders have some disadvantages that these new design is intend to takle. Just another try to make your sports activities more enjoyable.

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